Vango Orion Double Sleeping Bag

Double sleeping bags are perfect for a couple who want to go on an adventure together. And even if you don’t feel like going out, you can use it during sleepovers or simply spread it out as a rug in the car or in your house. So with a little help from your Vango Orion Double Sleeping Bag, you can be sure that you’ll sleep comfortably all night long.

This double sleeping bag has features to make sure that you have a great night’s sleep in it. This sleeping bag has a comfort rating between 8°C to 20° C, allowing you to enjoy yourself in different kinds of weather. The total weight of this bag is 4650g and it has a length of 235cm. The width remains constant from the chest to the feet at 150g, giving you enough room to turn inside the bag comfortably. As for the zips, there are 2 way zips down either side of the bag, letting you ventilate your feet when you want. There is also a zip guard to prevent the zip from getting stuck. The bag lasts long and can be washed without any hassle, making it very easy to maintain.

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