Ultracamp Double Sleeping Bag (converts to 2 singles)

Double sleeping bags like the Ultra Double Sleeping Bag have the unique feature of being able to convert into 2 single bags when necessary. This helps during a disagreement or simply when two people are going to different places to camp. And each person still enjoys the utmost comfort inside the bag. And all this can be done without wasting any time or trouble thanks to the specially designed zips for this purpose.

This double sleeping bag also comes with a number of other features. The draft tube gives extra insulation at the zips, keeping you warm all night long. The dual zips allow you to stick your feet out for some air with ease when you feel stuffy inside the bag. The 400g hollow fibre filling per square metre gives you a comfortable sleep no matter where you are. And for convenient transport, the bag comes with 2 separate storage bags, making it easy to carry wherever you go. As for the measurements, the double sleeping bag measures 210 cm x 170 cm while when used as single ones, each measures 210 cm x 85 cm. The double sleeping bag comes in a colourful blue with a lining of the same colour and has been rated as a 3 to 4 season bag, allowing you to go camping whenever you want.

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