The Lichfield Camper

Time was when all you needed for a great camping trip was a tent, a blanket and something to make fire with. Well those days appear to be truly over and now most people like to be more than prepared for any eventuality.

With that in mind it makes it easier to understand why the range of different types of camping equipment on the market has expanded so rapidly. One of the recent additions you might have noticed to the camping section in most outdoor adventure shops is the double sleeping bag. At first only a few brands produced these oversized bags but now it seems all the major players in the camping sector have at least one double sleeping bag as part of their product line. If you look how popular these items have become it is not hard to work out just why everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. As more brands have started producing their own versions the options available to the consumer have greatly increased. This is good for two reasons: one being that there are now more choices available and the other is that the prices have started to come down. When the first big bags came on the market the prices were pretty high but now this is no longer the case and there are a good range of budget versions to choose from. This brings us nicely onto the Lichfield Camper which firmly fits into that category due to its reasonable pricing.

Budget Double Sleeping Bags

There are a few budget double sleeping bags on the market and Lichfield Camper aims to fit right into that market and take a share of the sales. That might be an ambitious plan when you look at the other products on the market but by taking a closer look at this latest offering from Lichfield you can soon see why this might be possible. It has a great siliconised hollow fibre insulation which makes the bag lighter as well as warmer. It can be easily sealed off at the opening to prevent the warmth escaping thanks to the use of a draw cord around the end of the bag. Should things get too hot at night there is a double directional zip which allows you to open a ventilation hole anywhere along the zipper to let the air circulate freely. If you don’t fancy opening or closing the zip in the dark don’t worry; it is protected by a guard to reduce the instances of zip jam which can cause all kinds of problems.

If you are looking for a double sleeping bag that won’t break the bank the Lichfield Camper is definitely worth a closer look and with 50% off at the time of writing you can’t afford to miss out on this great deal.

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Lichfield Camper Double Sleeping Bag

A double sleeping bag like the Lichfield Camper Double Sleeping Bag comes with a number of features to make your outing a great and comfortable one. First of all, the bag comes with siliconised hollow fibre insulation. This helps in increasing the durability of your sleeping bag while maximising the lofting potential and reducing the matting of the filling.

This double sleeping bag has a shell that is made of PolairĀ® TC (Terylene Cotton) which is polycotton that keeps your bag warm and comfortable and at the same time allows you to clean your double sleeping bag with ease. There is also a PolairĀ® flannel lining which, like the TC lining, is easy to clean and comfortable to cuddle up in. The drawcord closure adds to the warmth while the 2-way zip helps to lock in warmth and facilitate ventilation. Along with this, the insulated zip baffle also traps in heat and the zip guards reduce the risk of the zip of the sleeping bag getting stuck. This double sleeping bag can be washed and kept clean very easily and it comes along with a stuff sac which has a carry handle, letting you carry your sleeping bag with you wherever you go.

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