Hi-Gear Animal Antics Camping Chair

This camping chair from Hi Gear is perfect for kids and is not only great for camping but can be used at home in a children’s bedroom, out in the garden for playtime or on a picnic.

It is easy to unfold or collapse and has a safety catch on the legs to stop it folding up when in use. This camping chair is made from an easy clean polyester and has a steel frame.

If you want an extra chair for the garden or even the conservatory the Hi-Gear Animal Antics Camping Chair is the obvious choice.

Don’t forget your kids this summer; make sure they have somewhere to sit around the campfire!

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Hi-Gear Sleepa 200 Double Sleeping Bag

The Hi-Gear Sleepa 200 Double Sleeping Bag is a light-weight sleeping bag that still keeps you warm despite only having a single layer. Perfect for the summer months this item weights a light 3kg making it easy to transport now mater how you are travelling and how long your journey. This is one of the lower priced double sleeping bags but that is more down to its 2 season rating rather than any lack of quality.

If you are planning to camp abroad and in warmer climes this bag is ideal for you!

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