Coleman Hudson Double Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Hudson Double Sleeping Bag is a great bag and has a soft polyester outer shell with a insulated hollow fibre inner layer.
The lining is flannel for extra comfort and it will keep you comfortable at +7C and its limit is +2C but if you are feeling adventurous it can go extreme to -13C. It is light weight at 3.7 kg and packs down to a size of 48 x 38 cm. The length is 235 cm so will easily accommodate most heights.

This is one of the best selling double sleeping bags and when you look at the quality, features and price it’s not hard to see why. If you want a tried and tested sleeping bag from a well known brand the Coleman Hudson Double Sleeping Bag is for you!

It even comes with 40% off at the moment!

Other Coleman double sleeping bags include:

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Coleman Pacific Double Sleeping Bag

This double sleeping bag comes in a bright and cheery red colour and it’s great for couples. It has a polyester shell and it weighs 3.5 kg and there’s so much space within it for two adults to move around and be comfortable. The lining is supersoft flannel that feels great on the skin and it has a baffle of insulation which is flannel lined which envelopes your skin so softly.

The insulation in this double sleeping bag is a single layer which is made of 350 g per square metre polyester fibre. Its dimensions are 220cm x 140 cm and it is just the double sleeping bag to take on an adventure trip with you if you’re out on a caravan or camping and it’s equally great to have around as a spare bed at home.

This double sleeping bag has a Comfort Cuff which is soft against your face as it is made of a baffle of insulation which is lined with flannel. The polyester shell is very resistant to abrasion and this makes it very durable. It all adds up to a double sleeping bag of the highest quality where comfort and durability can be taken for granted.

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Camping Kettles

Get a camping kettle to enhance your camping experience!

If you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee being on a camping trip doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Make sure you take a camping kettle and you can have a warm drink whenever you want.

Click on a camping kettle below to find out more information about it:

Camping kettles are very easy to use. You simply place them above the heat from a small camp fire or on top of a camping stove and sit back and wait for the water to boil. If you pick a whistling camping kettle the kettle will emit a whistling sound when the water is boiled. If you don’t have a whistling kettle then you will need to keep an eye on the kettle until a clear stream of steam is coming out of the nozzle.

Most camping kettles have a capacity of 2 litres or 4 pints which should be enough for about 6 mugs of tea when filled. Of course you can fill the kettle with less water for a quicker boil.

The Kelly Kettle is a different kind of camping kettle. Its unique design allows you to boil water in windy and wet conditions.

A small fire is started in the base unit and the kettle is place on top of the flames shielding the fire from the elements with a chimney effect down which more fuel for the fire can be dropped. Another bonus is that the water is boiled very quickly due to the cylinder shape of the Kelly kettle.

There are two versions of the Kelly kettle: the 1 pinter and the 2 and a half pint version.

Coleman Sling Camping Chair

The Coleman Sling Camping Chair has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

It has support for the back and next giving you all the comfort you would expect from an armchair but with the portability of a camping chair. It has an aluminium frame to reduce its weight and is made from a strong durable polyester with curved armrests. This camping chair from Coleman comes with a carry bag and weights a mere 3kg.

It has great looks and is ideal for not only camping trips but also fishing trips, garden parties and just relaxing outdoors.

If you want a top class camping chair, the Coleman Sling Camping Chair is the one for you!

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Coleman Hampton Double Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Hampton Double Sleeping Bag has a traditional rectangle appearance and can be reversed to change the look of the bag. It has a soft cotton shell with a warm supersoft cotton flannel lining. As expected this bag has Coletherm insulation to improve the snuggle factor giving you improved loft and warmth.
This is quite the luxury double sleeping bag and will keep any couple in sumputious surroundings whether at the campsite, in a caravan or entertaining guests at home.

It is marginally heavier than some other bags on the market but this bag is more about comfort than portability although at 4.55kg it is hardly going to weigh you down. The length is 230 cm or 7.5 feet and it is 150 cm or almost 5 feet wide so will fit most people! It packs down to a handy 48 cm x 44 cm x 24 cm.

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