SunnCamp Baubles Super King Size Sleeping Bag

Is this a double sleeping bag? Although not officially marketed as one it is 93 cm wide which isn’t quite up there with the width offered by a full double sleeping but it does offer more room than a regular sized bag and is much roomier than the modern mummy sleeping bags on the market.

If you just want more room to move around in at night and not get that claustrophobic feeling sometimes present when sleeping in an ultraportable bag and don’t require it to be large enough for two people then this SunnCamp King Size Sleeping Bag is for you.

Great Discount

At the time of writing there is 50% off this sleeping bag which brings its price down to an amazing £25. This price drop might not last forever so if you want to grab a bargain it is probably best you act now rather than ending up kicking yourself when the prices goes up and you end up having to pay full price.

Comfort over Convenience

While the SunnCamp Baubles is a very comfortable sleeping bag due to its larger than average dimensions and its 100% Polyester Hollowfibre filling and poly/cotton mix lining we should point out that it isn’t the lightest bag on the market. It weighs in a 5 kg which is around 1.5 kg heavier than some of the double sleeping bags on the market but if comfort is more important to you than convenience then you really won’t mind carrying around that extra 1.5 kg. If you want a bag that is all about the comfort then this one from SunnCamp should be right up your alley.

To check the latest price of this king size sleeping bag click here now.