Sleeping Bags

Of course, double sleeping bags are not for everyone. If you are just looking for a regular single sleeping bag we have them too.

Outdoor life has become the norm today with more people feeling the urge to venture out either for leisure or health reasons. If you belong to this outgoing group, you appreciate the importance of having the right gear for the excursions. Most of the people who complain about outdoor experiences such as hikes and camping always fail to carry the right gear either inadvertently or due to negligence. Nevertheless you will concur that a sleeping bag is a must have in any outdoor activity if at all you want to enjoy the experience. These sleeping bags protect you from weather elements during the night especially cold which can lead to frost bites among other infections. The bag works by trapping dead air close to your body thus keeping you warm overnight. To shop for the best bags, you need to have all details about them and if you have been looking unsuccessfully, this is the right place.

Sleeping Bag Features

Before buying anything, you need to know what it is made of and how it looks. This way, you will have an idea of what to look out for once you hit the store or when you order. There are rectangular, hooded, mummy and kids designs among others. Here are the main features on any bag:

  • Insulation; the bags consist of an outer part that is zipped and insulation on the inner part which provides the warmth. There are synthetic materials used and also down fillings which are natural. The synthetic materials are preferred because they do no absorb water even when soaked and if they do, you will still be comfortable. In addition, they are cheaper than down filling hence most campers use them. Synthetic fillings such as Slumberloft HQ(TM) or DuPont Hollofil 808 are also firm and hence hold your weight comfortably while still insulating the bag and they are non-allergenic, if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, the bag will dry fast in case of a downpour and you can use it within an hour or less. On the converse side the synthetic insulation is heavier and does not insulate as well as natural down filling.
  • Zipper; this is important because if you buy a sleeping bag with a faulty zip, you might freeze and this could have devastating health effects. In addition, some sleeping bags allow zipper compatibility and you can zip two bags together and sleep with your camping mate.
  • Hood; in cooler areas, you lose a lot of heat from your head and a hood controls this hence the bag stays warm throughout.
  • Pillow; this is an optional feature but for comfort, it should be available in the hood area. Some provide a pillow pocket where you can fix your pillow or even clothes for more comfort.
  • Sleeping bag sleeve; in some bags, the lower part has a padding hence the insulation is removed. This provides comfort as you do not roll about and you feel like you are on a bed with a mattress.
  • Stash pockets; these are provided in some models to store accessories such as torches, MP3 players among other small items.
  • Stuff sack; this is the storage and transportation bag that makes carrying your bag easier and hence your hiking is not interrupted by bulky luggage.

What To Consider When Buying Your Bag

One of the most important factors while shopping for the bag is temperature ratings. This is the lowest temperature at which the bag will keep you warm. For example a 25 degree bag means you can only be well insulated if the temperatures do not fall below this temperature. The fact that metabolic rates vary from person to person means there are different designs with varying ratings. When buying, it is advisable to choose a bag with a temperature a bit lower than what you expect as this will increase your insulation even if the worst comes to worst. Research carefully about the place you are going to avoid any health scares such as hypothermia if temperatures go lower than expected. Temperature ratings for summer season stand at 35°F while those for winter or extreme weather are -10°F and below. You also need to consider your budget, the type of sleeping bag, and the materials keenly before ordering the bags. The price ranges from £80-£400 depending on the manufacturer and material used for insulation.

Common Models And Brands Of Sleeping Bags

There are thousands of brands to choose from based on quality, type of design, brand popularity, price and the materials used. One of the common brands is Suisse Sport that has products such as the Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Ultra-compactable sleeping bags in assorted colors. Coleman is another recognized for providing comfortable bags including Coleman Green Valley Cool-Weather line which has a fiber lock to prevent insulation from shifting. Other lines include Coleman Palmetto, North Rim 0-Degree Mummy bags, and Nimbus large warm-weather bags among others. There are still other brands whose products you will get on any online store including Eureka, Kelty, ALPS Mountaineering, Intex and many others. Maintain your bag is important and this is done through regular airing and washing as directed. Storage should be done by hanging the dry bag in your garage or any other room.

Who To Buy The Sleeping Bags From

The advent of online shopping has made things easy and you should exploit this option when you are looking for your bag. Firstly, read the reviews on the brands whose products you recognize as quality and check whether all features are present. In addition, the reviews will reveal whether the temperature ratings were just to hype the bags or whether they actually apply. It is also important to search the manufacturing history of the brand before ordering to understand their expertise in this field and hence make an informed choice. Researching is imperative when buying the bags and because your health is at stake, you need to compare as many catalogues as possible. Shopping online for the bags will save you a lot of time. Finally, remember to scrutinize the shipping policies to avoid extra charges from the stores.

Coleman Sleeping Bags

Coleman are probably the best selling manufatuer of sleeping bags and due to this they offer a great range of bags at great prices. There most popular bag is the Coleman Hudson 450 Sleeping Bag which is still quite wide coming in with a width of 90 cm but is still definately a single sleeping bag and only weighs 2.7kg making it very portable. It uses Coleman’s Coletherm hollow fibre technology so will keep you warm when you need it.

Gelert Sleeping Bags

Gelert are another popular manufacturer of camping equipment and the Gelert Tryfan Classic sleeping bag is probably their most popualr single bag and comes in the mummy shape. It is currently available at half price so is definately worth a look. It features a ridge hood, an internal security pocket and has a 3 season rating. It weights a mere 1.8 kg and packs down to a tiny 35 x 23 cm. If you are looking for a warm yet very portable sleeping bag then the Gelert Tryfan Classic might be just the one for you.

The North Face Sleeping Bags

The North Face are probably the best known outdoor brand and their appeal goes beyond those who like camping to anyone who appreciates practical and hard wearing clothing and equipment. They are probably best known for their jackets and rucksacks but they also have a great line of sleeping bags. The range of North Face Sleeping bags consists of three mummy sleeping bags and one rectangle bag. The North Face Bolam Sleeping Bag is their entry level bag and is ideal for those on a budget but still want a top class sleeping bag. It is very lightweight so ideal for those warmer nights or though who want an easy to carry bag. The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag is their rectangular bag and ideal for those all round camping trips where the weather is not too warm and neither too cold. The North Face Aleutian Sleeping Bag is more heavy duty and has a three season rating and is suitable for use in temperatures as low as -5°C. The North Face Blue Kazoo Sleeping Bag is their top end bag and comes in a range of colours and is suitable for a larger range of temperatures. So whatever your needs The North Face should have a bag for you.