Lichfield Camper Double Sleeping Bag

A double sleeping bag like the Lichfield Camper Double Sleeping Bag comes with a number of features to make your outing a great and comfortable one. First of all, the bag comes with siliconised hollow fibre insulation. This helps in increasing the durability of your sleeping bag while maximising the lofting potential and reducing the matting of the filling.

This double sleeping bag has a shell that is made of PolairĀ® TC (Terylene Cotton) which is polycotton that keeps your bag warm and comfortable and at the same time allows you to clean your double sleeping bag with ease. There is also a PolairĀ® flannel lining which, like the TC lining, is easy to clean and comfortable to cuddle up in. The drawcord closure adds to the warmth while the 2-way zip helps to lock in warmth and facilitate ventilation. Along with this, the insulated zip baffle also traps in heat and the zip guards reduce the risk of the zip of the sleeping bag getting stuck. This double sleeping bag can be washed and kept clean very easily and it comes along with a stuff sac which has a carry handle, letting you carry your sleeping bag with you wherever you go.

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