Blackspur Double Sleeper

This another budget double sleeping bag in the same price bracket as the Rage and the Highlander Sleepline double sleeping bags. Like those two products if you are looking for a top of the line item with all the latest gargets and technology then this is not the item for you!

However if you want a simple product at a great price then you will want to take a closer look at this one from Blackspur.

Great for Warm Weather

We should point out that this isn’t a very warm sleeping bag so if you are going to be using it anywhere with a low temperature then it is probably not for you. It is more suited for warm summer nights outside or for indoor use when friends are staying over and you don’t have a spare bed to accommodate them in. If you are planning on taking a camping trip to a warm country then this might be ideal for you as you will avoid getting overheated at night and due to its inability to provide real warmth it is very light and easy to pack away.

Easy to Carry

So while this product isn’t going to suit most campers needs due to its low level of protection from the cold it does have one big advantage over its rivals and that is that it packs up to a very small size and is easy to store away or carry. If those two criterion are important to you then this might be the one for you but if warmth is what you are looking for then we suggest you continue shopping.

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Rage Double Sleeping Bag Review

Perhaps the most important thing about this double sleeping bag from Rage is the fact that there is £35 off of the RRP at the time of writing! This represents a massive saving of 70% and brings its price down to a very affordable £14.99. Now before you rush over to and buy this sleeping bag it is only fair that we inform you that it is not the best double sleeping bag on the market. When compared to the best selling item of this type, the Coleman Hudson, this item doesn’t compare too favourably but if you aren’t interested in spending three times the price on something that basically does the job then this product is the one for you.

Other Budget Sleeping Bags

While we are on the subject of other products we should also mention that this item doesn’t sell as well as the similarly priced Highlander Sleepline 300 XL but they do have a comparable set of features so it is up to you to decide which one is for you. From our experience both products have performed well for this respective prices so when it comes to picking one above the other it really comes down to personal preference.

Features of the Rage Double Sleeping Bag

So at this low price the list of bells and whistles isn’t going to blow you away but if you want something that does what it says on the tin then you can’t really go wrong with this one.

  • It has a useful 2 to 3 seasons rating so can be used for most of the year. How often do you go camping in winter? If it is often then this might not be the one for you but otherwise it should suit you nicely.
  • It comes with its own sack for convenient storage and transportation.
  • It also has a mono fibre and polyester mix filling that provides a good level of warmth and comfort.
  • This bag has an easy to carry weight of 2.5 kg which you will appreciate if you plan to use this product while hiking.


If you just want to pick up a double sleeping bag without worrying if you got enough features for your money then this one should be at the top of your list. It is a simple product that offers great value for money without an overwhelming set of features. Let’s be honest, it isn’t going to impress anyone at the campsite when you unfurl this bag but the fact you saved £35 off the recommended retail price should give you a warm feeling inside even if the bag doesn’t!

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Outwell Mitra Double Sleeping Bag

If you’ve got a camping trip planned then it is a good idea to make sure you get the essentials well in advance of when you are heading off on your trip. This way you can avoid any last minute panics as you realise you don’t have that vital piece of camping equipment you need for your holiday. One essential item is a sleeping bag and a great spin on this classic design is the double sleeping bag. There are loads of choose from but the Outwell Mitra double sleeping bag is one of the best on the market in terms of value, comfort and ease of use.

Some great features of this Outwell double sleeping bag include the following:

  • Capable of keeping you warm in outside temperatures of 6 degrees up to 15 degrees.
  • In extreme cases can be used in temperatures as low as -19 and as high as +18 degrees.
  • Has a season rating of 2 to 3 which should keep you covered for most of the year.
  • Totally removable hood allowing the bag to converted into a fully functional duvet.
  • Generous length of 225 cm and a tapered with of 190 cm at the top and 150 cm at the bottom.
  • A light weight of only 3.4 kg and a portable pack size of 50 by 30 cm.

As you can see this is a product jam-packed with features that will ensure you have a great nights sleep with plenty of room for two people. Even though it offers a spacious sleeping experience you don’t have to sacrifice having a lightweight bag to carry on your travels as is the case with some of its rivals on the market at the moment.

The Outwell Brand

Outwell sleeping bags and the other camping gear they produce have good reputations amongst retailers and campers alike and although they are not as well known as some other brands like Coleman and Gelert they still deliver great products at affordable prices. Buying from a brand of this stature is an easy decision to make as you are not gambling your money on an unknown quantity as you might end up doing with some of the cheap double sleeping bags for sale online and in the shops.

If you want a warm and spacious sleeping bag from a well known brand then we recommend you click here now and find out everything you need to know about this one. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

The Lichfield Camper

Time was when all you needed for a great camping trip was a tent, a blanket and something to make fire with. Well those days appear to be truly over and now most people like to be more than prepared for any eventuality.

With that in mind it makes it easier to understand why the range of different types of camping equipment on the market has expanded so rapidly. One of the recent additions you might have noticed to the camping section in most outdoor adventure shops is the double sleeping bag. At first only a few brands produced these oversized bags but now it seems all the major players in the camping sector have at least one double sleeping bag as part of their product line. If you look how popular these items have become it is not hard to work out just why everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. As more brands have started producing their own versions the options available to the consumer have greatly increased. This is good for two reasons: one being that there are now more choices available and the other is that the prices have started to come down. When the first big bags came on the market the prices were pretty high but now this is no longer the case and there are a good range of budget versions to choose from. This brings us nicely onto the Lichfield Camper which firmly fits into that category due to its reasonable pricing.

Budget Double Sleeping Bags

There are a few budget double sleeping bags on the market and Lichfield Camper aims to fit right into that market and take a share of the sales. That might be an ambitious plan when you look at the other products on the market but by taking a closer look at this latest offering from Lichfield you can soon see why this might be possible. It has a great siliconised hollow fibre insulation which makes the bag lighter as well as warmer. It can be easily sealed off at the opening to prevent the warmth escaping thanks to the use of a draw cord around the end of the bag. Should things get too hot at night there is a double directional zip which allows you to open a ventilation hole anywhere along the zipper to let the air circulate freely. If you don’t fancy opening or closing the zip in the dark don’t worry; it is protected by a guard to reduce the instances of zip jam which can cause all kinds of problems.

If you are looking for a double sleeping bag that won’t break the bank the Lichfield Camper is definitely worth a closer look and with 50% off at the time of writing you can’t afford to miss out on this great deal.

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Coleman Hudson Double Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Hudson Double Sleeping Bag is a great bag and has a soft polyester outer shell with a insulated hollow fibre inner layer.
The lining is flannel for extra comfort and it will keep you comfortable at +7C and its limit is +2C but if you are feeling adventurous it can go extreme to -13C. It is light weight at 3.7 kg and packs down to a size of 48 x 38 cm. The length is 235 cm so will easily accommodate most heights.

This is one of the best selling double sleeping bags and when you look at the quality, features and price it’s not hard to see why. If you want a tried and tested sleeping bag from a well known brand the Coleman Hudson Double Sleeping Bag is for you!

It even comes with 40% off at the moment!

Other Coleman double sleeping bags include:

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Lyon Blue Double Sleeping Bag

The Lyon Blue Double Sleeping Bag is so great to take along on a trip when you are travelling as a couple and you want to spend the night in the great outdoors snuggling up together. It’s a great thing to have around in the house as well in case unexpected guests drop in and you don’t have enough place to put them up. The best thing is, it’s so comfortable with so much space inside, you just don’t feel you are being cramped.

This double sleeping bag has a shell made of polyester-cotton and the hollow fibre filling is so ultrasoft, it can only be called luxurious. What’s more, it also includes two soft pillows which make it even more comfortable. The filling ensures that the heat from your body stays inside the sleeping bag and you stay as warm as can be through the night. The material also means that this double sleeping bag can be counted on to stay looking good for years.

The dimensions of this sleeping bag are 183 cm x 137 cm and it comes with its own storage bag which makes it easy to carry around as well as to store. So for use indoors or outdoors, this is one great double sleeping bag to own.

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Vango Dormir DLX Double Sleeping Bag

The Vango Dormir DLX Double Sleeping Bag comes in a stylish black colour and is just what you need when you go on a caravan trip or go camping or even have people over for the night and you don’t have enough sleeping space. This is one great double sleeping bag because it combines great comfort with durability.

The dimensions of this double sleeping bag are 225 cm x 150 cm and it is recommended for use between 5°C and 20°C. It has a Polair® TC shell – where the TC stands for Terylene Cotton. The lining is made from brushed flannel to give you the ultimate in comfort when you lie cocooned inside this double sleeping bag.

This double sleeping bag has a pocket inside it which is fastened with Velcro and it also has an insulated zip baffle which prevents the heat from escaping. There’s a zip guard which means easy opening and closing and a flat head rest at the head area which makes for a lot more comfort. The whole double sleeping bag construction is a double layer material and the insulation is siliconised hollow fibre. There’s a zippered carry bag with a handle for easy travelling and storing.

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Ultracamp Double Sleeping Bag (converts to 2 singles)

Double sleeping bags like the Ultra Double Sleeping Bag have the unique feature of being able to convert into 2 single bags when necessary. This helps during a disagreement or simply when two people are going to different places to camp. And each person still enjoys the utmost comfort inside the bag. And all this can be done without wasting any time or trouble thanks to the specially designed zips for this purpose.

This double sleeping bag also comes with a number of other features. The draft tube gives extra insulation at the zips, keeping you warm all night long. The dual zips allow you to stick your feet out for some air with ease when you feel stuffy inside the bag. The 400g hollow fibre filling per square metre gives you a comfortable sleep no matter where you are. And for convenient transport, the bag comes with 2 separate storage bags, making it easy to carry wherever you go. As for the measurements, the double sleeping bag measures 210 cm x 170 cm while when used as single ones, each measures 210 cm x 85 cm. The double sleeping bag comes in a colourful blue with a lining of the same colour and has been rated as a 3 to 4 season bag, allowing you to go camping whenever you want.

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80 oz Barcelona Double Sleeping Bag

A double sleeping bag makes so much sense when you are going camping as a couple. Instead of carrying two bags, you just carry one and yet, you have all the comfort and space you could ask for when it is a Double Barcelona Sleeping Bag. No cramped feeling, just comfort because this double sleeping bag allows you to move around inside.

This double sleeping bag is made with polyester cotton so it can be easily washed and kept clean. It also makes for comfort when you are using it. This sleeping bag keeps you warm and snug inside because it is made with hollow fibre that is absolutely soft and luxurious. This means the heat from your body is trapped inside the sleeping bag and the chances of you feeling the cold outside is a lot less.

The dimensions of this double sleeping bag are 198 cm x 182cm and it comes with its own storage bag which makes it convenient for you to carry around as well as to store. It also includes two soft pillows so you are even more comfortable at night. Comfort, convenience and so much softness and luxury – what more could one ask for in a double sleeping bag?

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Lichfield Camper Double Sleeping Bag

A double sleeping bag like the Lichfield Camper Double Sleeping Bag comes with a number of features to make your outing a great and comfortable one. First of all, the bag comes with siliconised hollow fibre insulation. This helps in increasing the durability of your sleeping bag while maximising the lofting potential and reducing the matting of the filling.

This double sleeping bag has a shell that is made of Polair® TC (Terylene Cotton) which is polycotton that keeps your bag warm and comfortable and at the same time allows you to clean your double sleeping bag with ease. There is also a Polair® flannel lining which, like the TC lining, is easy to clean and comfortable to cuddle up in. The drawcord closure adds to the warmth while the 2-way zip helps to lock in warmth and facilitate ventilation. Along with this, the insulated zip baffle also traps in heat and the zip guards reduce the risk of the zip of the sleeping bag getting stuck. This double sleeping bag can be washed and kept clean very easily and it comes along with a stuff sac which has a carry handle, letting you carry your sleeping bag with you wherever you go.

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Gelert Double Sleeping Bag Liner

The Gelert Camping Double Sleeping Bag Liner is a must when you have a double sleeping bag because what it does is to extend the life of your sleeping bag and to make it more comfortable. The great thing about this liner is that it can be used as it is during hot weather or if you are travelling to countries that are warm. This dual function makes it a good thing to have with you as it keeps you cool in the heat and, as a liner, keeps you snug and warm in the cold.

This double sleeping bag liner can be washed in the washing machine and it dries very quickly. This double sleeping bag liner is very light and very compact so it’s no problem to carry it around. So it adds up to a lot of convenience as well as the comfort that this liner gives you.

This double sleeping bag liner comes in a blue colour and it is made from polycotton. The dimensions are 198 cm x 175 cm and it weighs a mere 700g. You can pack it into its stuff sac made from ripstop fabric which is 23 cm x 10 cm.

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Vango Orion Double Sleeping Bag

Double sleeping bags are perfect for a couple who want to go on an adventure together. And even if you don’t feel like going out, you can use it during sleepovers or simply spread it out as a rug in the car or in your house. So with a little help from your Vango Orion Double Sleeping Bag, you can be sure that you’ll sleep comfortably all night long.

This double sleeping bag has features to make sure that you have a great night’s sleep in it. This sleeping bag has a comfort rating between 8°C to 20° C, allowing you to enjoy yourself in different kinds of weather. The total weight of this bag is 4650g and it has a length of 235cm. The width remains constant from the chest to the feet at 150g, giving you enough room to turn inside the bag comfortably. As for the zips, there are 2 way zips down either side of the bag, letting you ventilate your feet when you want. There is also a zip guard to prevent the zip from getting stuck. The bag lasts long and can be washed without any hassle, making it very easy to maintain.

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Easy Camp Atlanta Double Sleeping Bag

The Easy Camp Atlanta Double Sleeping Bag is a duvet type bag which can very easily be converted into two single sleeping bags if the need arises. It is a double sleeping bag that is meant essentially for the summer months and is just the thing you need to keep yourself just warn enough when you are out camping in summer.

This double sleeping bag is made from a soft polycotton material and it comes in a blue colour. The dimensions of the double sleeping bag are 210 cm x 150 cm. The sleeping bag has a single layer and the filling is hollow fibre which is 250g per square metre. This double sleeping bag weighs around 3000g and it comes in a regular stuff sac.

The double sleeping bag has a full length zip baffle, a two way zip with an autolock and an anti snag guard. Easy Camp double sleeping bags are subjected to a great many tests before they are sent out into the market to be sold. These include tests for durability, comfort, temperatures and cold areas within the sleeping bag. These tests are the official European standard tests before the labelling is done – so you know you can count on the quality.

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Outwell Contour Double Sleeping Bag

A double sleeping bag is a must have for anyone who wants to go on an adventure with a companion. It is great for couples to go trekking, a family to go camping and even for those who want to lie around in the backyard. With the Contour Double Sleeping Bag which has a 2 to 3 season rating and a comfort temperature of around 8°C, you can now plan a trip out no matter what the weather is like.

This double sleeping bag comes with loads of features to give you a great and comfortable experience. The 2200 gram of Isofill® filling ensures warmth with its two layer off-set construction. Along with this is a shell with a soft touch and a lining made of microfibre polyester. The Contour double sleeping bag also allows you to separate the sleeping bag into two single bags with the easy slide of a zip. To keep you even more comfortable, a pillow that is built-in is provided. This pillow can also be made into a cushion by zipping it off. The bag also has a 2-way auto lock and L-shaped zips. As for the specifications, the bag weighs about 3.75kg and has a size of 225 cm x 150 cm.

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Gelert Anatara Double Sleeping Bag

The Gelert Anatara Double Sleeping Bag comes in a cocoa colour and its dimensions are 190 (+30) cm x 150 cm. It comes in an Oxford carry bag and it is made of soft polyester, with soft polyester filling as lining. This double sleeping bag is essentially a two-season sleeping bag and it is great when a couple wants to go camping. It is a good idea for home use as well because it can always double up as sleeping arrangements if friends were to come by suddenly and there isn’t enough room for all to sleep.

This double sleeping bag weighs 3.46 kg and its dimensions when packed are 45 cm x 55 cm x 20 cm. The filling is a multi spiral fibre and it is used in a double layer, 125g per square metre so you feel warm and comfortable inside it. It has a zip baffle for convenience too. Double sleeping bags like these make you feel that a sleeping bag does not need to be purely functional – it can be comfortable and spacious as well. Suddenly, roughing it out is not so hard for people who choose the right sleeping bag!

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