Camping Chairs

Camping Chairs are an essential piece of equipment for any camping trip. Tents, sleeping bags and air beds are ideal for the night time when you are settling down for the night but during the day people often rue the fact they don’t have anything to sit on. Of course you can sit on the floor or drag your air bed out of the tent for something a bit more comfortable to sit on but neither of those options compare to a camping chair.

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There are many different camping chairs to choose from and they range in price from the very cheap to the more lavishly priced. Most chairs are designed for adults but there is a great range of children’s camping chairs. This is great as your kids won’t be left out or find themselves trying to get comfortable in a chair that is too big for them.

Uses for a Camping Chair

Camping chairs aren’t only for camping. Due to their light weight and the fact they often come with a nice carry bag they are great for taking on walks where you might stop for lunch or to admire the view. Trips to the beach become much more enjoyable with a camping chair and you will never regret taking one on a camping trip. If you like having BBQs at home or entertaining guests in you garden a folding chair like this is a great thing to have. They can even be used indoors in an emergency when you have more guests than you can sit with your indoor chairs.

Types of Camping Chair

Coleman U Camping Chair

Most camping chairs are the foldaway type like the Coleman Sling Camping Chair but there are also other less traditional designs like the Gelert Camping Moon Chair which has a great design that gives an better support and levels of comfort than a regular fold-up chair. Then there are the kid’s camping chairs that are smaller in size and often have designs that appeal to children such as animals or cartoon characters. These chairs are a great idea for kids and you should not forget them on your next camping trip!

As well as the foldaway chairs there are also inflatable camping chairs which are perfect for those who like to travel light and have a wider choice of shapes and types of chairs. There are lots of different types of inflatable camping chair ranging from the single seaters to sofa and many other designs.

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Makes of Camping Chairs

There are lots of companies making camping chairs these days. Mostly they are made by the same brands that make tents and other camping equipment. If you are looking for the best camping chair it is probably a good idea to go for one of the more established brands in the field of camping equipment such as Coleman, Vango, Outwell or Gelert. These are brands associated with high quality and are long established in the camping market. The downside with choosing a chair from these firms is that they may have a higher price tag. If you are on a budget or not after the latest and greatest chair then you should take a look at the items from lesser known brands or have a browse of the generic chairs. These are often as good as the branded ones but come at a fraction of the price.

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