Blackspur Double Sleeper

This another budget double sleeping bag in the same price bracket as the Rage and the Highlander Sleepline double sleeping bags. Like those two products if you are looking for a top of the line item with all the latest gargets and technology then this is not the item for you!

However if you want a simple product at a great price then you will want to take a closer look at this one from Blackspur.

Great for Warm Weather

We should point out that this isn’t a very warm sleeping bag so if you are going to be using it anywhere with a low temperature then it is probably not for you. It is more suited for warm summer nights outside or for indoor use when friends are staying over and you don’t have a spare bed to accommodate them in. If you are planning on taking a camping trip to a warm country then this might be ideal for you as you will avoid getting overheated at night and due to its inability to provide real warmth it is very light and easy to pack away.

Easy to Carry

So while this product isn’t going to suit most campers needs due to its low level of protection from the cold it does have one big advantage over its rivals and that is that it packs up to a very small size and is easy to store away or carry. If those two criterion are important to you then this might be the one for you but if warmth is what you are looking for then we suggest you continue shopping.

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