80 oz Barcelona Double Sleeping Bag

A double sleeping bag makes so much sense when you are going camping as a couple. Instead of carrying two bags, you just carry one and yet, you have all the comfort and space you could ask for when it is a Double Barcelona Sleeping Bag. No cramped feeling, just comfort because this double sleeping bag allows you to move around inside.

This double sleeping bag is made with polyester cotton so it can be easily washed and kept clean. It also makes for comfort when you are using it. This sleeping bag keeps you warm and snug inside because it is made with hollow fibre that is absolutely soft and luxurious. This means the heat from your body is trapped inside the sleeping bag and the chances of you feeling the cold outside is a lot less.

The dimensions of this double sleeping bag are 198 cm x 182cm and it comes with its own storage bag which makes it convenient for you to carry around as well as to store. It also includes two soft pillows so you are even more comfortable at night. Comfort, convenience and so much softness and luxury – what more could one ask for in a double sleeping bag?

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